Sunday, 11 November 2012

Excellence in infographics

From The Detail, an investigative journalism site in Northern Ireland, an excellent example of the kind of data analysis that can be produced from the details of a simple Freedom of Information request:

Is there poor pupil attendance at your local schools?

Kathryn Torney's piece looks at the different levels of pupil attendance in primary and secondary schools, with a fine graphic and some interesting analysis.

One issue raised is the problem of attendance in schools with a large intake from the traveller community.

There's also mention of some constructive attempts to overcome attendance problems:

• Kilcooley Primary School in Bangor runs an incentive scheme with certificates for full attendance each month, certificates for best class attendance each term and a cinema ticket for full attendance all year.

• Corpus Christi College in Belfast worked with Bombardier to reward pupils with 100% attendance each term with a flight around Northern Ireland. Over the course of the year around 300 boys were rewarded with the flight.

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